Please find listed below our full range of products for Ricoh machines.

Drum for Aficio MP3500,4500,AP4500

Manufacturer Part Number: A230-9510
Parsia Part Number: 11050840
For Model Number(s): Aficio 340,350,450 1035,1045,2035 2045,3035,3045 MP3500,4500 AP4500,4501

Drum for Aficio MP3500,4500,AP45002022-01-25T10:20:19+00:00

Drum for Aficio 2075,2090,2105

Manufacturer Part Number: A295-9510 B070-9510
Parsia Part Number: 11051540
For Model Number(s): Aficio 550,551,650 700,850,1050 1060,1075,1085 1105,2051,2060 2075,2090,2105

Drum for Aficio 2075,2090,21052022-01-25T10:20:21+00:00

Drum for Aficio MP1600,2510,3010

Manufacturer Part Number: B039-9510
Parsia Part Number: 11051135
For Model Number(s): Aficio 1015,1018 1113,2015,2016 2018,2020 3025,3030 MP1500,1600,2000 2510,3010

Drum for Aficio MP1600,2510,30102022-01-25T10:20:22+00:00

Drum for Aficio MP5500,6500,8000

Manufacturer Part Number: B246-9510
Parsia Part Number: 11051540
For Model Number(s): Aficio MP5500,6000,6001 6002,6500,7000,7001 7500,8000,8001,9002 SP9100

Drum for Aficio MP5500,6500,80002022-01-25T10:20:23+00:00

Drum for Aficio MP1100,Pro1106, 1107

Manufacturer Part Number: B234-9510 B059-9510
Parsia Part Number: 11051940
For Model Number(s): Aficio MP1100,1350,1356 9000, Pro 906, 907, 1106, 1107

Drum for Aficio MP1100,Pro1106, 11072022-01-25T10:20:24+00:00

Drum Reman Kit MPC3003/4,4503/4

Manufacturer Part Number: N/P/N
Parsia Part Number: 11052453
For Model Number(s): MPC3003,3004,3503 3504,4503,4504 5503,5504,6003 6004

Drum Reman Kit MPC3003/4,4503/42022-01-25T10:20:28+00:00

Black Rebuilt Drum Unit MPC3003,3503,4503

Manufacturer Part Number: D1862208 D1862238 D1862248 D1862258
Parsia Part Number: 11052553
For Model Number(s): Aficio MPC3003,3503,4503 5503,6003

Black Rebuilt Drum Unit MPC3003,3503,45032022-01-25T10:20:31+00:00
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