Please find listed below our full range of products for Olivetti machines.

OPC Drum for MF450,451,651

Manufacturer Part Number: N/P/N
Parsia Part Number: MD-C550N
For Model Number(s): MF450,451,550 551,651

OPC Drum for MF450,451,6512021-09-15T12:07:25+00:00

Paper Separation Roller d-Color 259,369,459

Manufacturer Part Number: A64J564101 40X8970
Parsia Part Number: KMFR308CRN
For Model Number(s): d-Color MF259,309,369,454,459,554 559,654,659,MF3302, MF4003, P3302

Paper Separation Roller d-Color 259,369,4592021-09-15T12:07:31+00:00
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